Season 2, Ep. 4: Nicole Ponseca

In this episode of Maker's Lane, we get the scoop from Nicole Ponseca -- founder of award winning restaurants Jeepney & Maharlika. By turning her childhood shame into a source of cultural pride, Nicole talks about her dream to put Filipino food on the map.

Season 2, Ep. 3: ModaBox Founder

In this episode of Maker's Lane, ModaBox Founder + CEO, Monica Phromsavanh, talks about growing up in a refugee camp in Argentina, working her way up through retail in America and taking the risk to build her own dream. Get inspired by Monica's non-stop hustle and catch her honest advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Season 2, Ep. 2: See One

In this episode of Maker's Lane, Graffiti Writer + Illustrator, See One, talks about how to make it as a professional artist in New York. He gets real about the challenges of pursuing an art career, and shares insight on his approach to the art business. 

Season 2, Ep.1:  Jasmine Solano

In this episode of Maker's Lane, Jasmine Solano talks about being inspired by her parents' biracial marriage, paying dues during her early years in New York City and the challenges of building a career as a female DJ.


In this episode of Maker's Lane, Carson Yiu, Culinary Entrepreneur and Owner of Outer Borough, talks about early food inspirations watching PBS, passion for sharing his story through food, and getting rejected 15 times before making it into NYC's biggest food fair Smorgasburg. Maker's Lane is a web series about NYC entrepreneurs.

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In this episode of Maker's Lane, 3x HBO Def poet, filmmaker and Founder of Moving Earth Productions, Kelly Tsai shows us that full-time artists are also entrepreneurs. We get a glimpse of Kelly's daily grind, her creative process, inspiration behind her solo play "Formosa" and advice for aspiring full-time artists.

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In this episode of Maker's Lane, Calvin Lai, software developer and Co-Founder of the start up WunWun, talks about getting bullied as a kid nerd, what investors look for in new companies, and his passion for teaching kids about technology to improve the future. 

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In this episode of Maker's Lane, Inez Galvez, fashion designer and founder of EZ Threadz, talks about the struggles of balancing art and business, finding her own frequency in a male dominated industry and the vision to bring confidence and versatility to her consumers.

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In this episode of Maker's Lane, Cory Ng, Co-Founder of Mott Street Cycles, talks about growing up in downtown Manhattan, his organic business growth, being true to who you are and collaborating with some of his favorite street wear brands.

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Maker's Lane is a new web series about NYC-based entrepreneurs created by Sahra Vang.  Each episode profiles a different creative hustler carving their own path. In the DIY digital age, these stories capture the spirit of the American Dream, American Hustle.