Ahead of the Trend: Jasmine Solano

The first time I heard about Jasmine Solano, it was from the Karmaloop homie, Chris, who had just seen her perform in New  York City. This was maybe around 2008 when she just dropped "That's Not It." I looked her up and immediately fell in love with her style, her music, her creativity, but more than anything else -- her hustle.  It was so dope to see a multi-talented woman such as Jasmine pursuing several creative ambitions in New York.

With the current trend of female DJs, I wanted to feature Jasmine -- someone who has been working on the craft for a long time -- to gain insight on the world of a DJ and share her experience with other aspiring artists.

After spending a few days with her and an interview, I discovered that she is really as cool as she seems, and more. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out how much we shared in common on a personal level -- Jasmine being biracial (half Indonesian, half Russian American), she reads up on Buddhism and she was politically active in her community as a youth.

As we discussed her passion for hip hop activism, sensitive spot for race issues, the importance of being authentic, being respected for your craft and traveling the world, beyond being a talented DJ who can rock a crowd Jasmine Solano is one of the most down to earth, intelligent and authentic creative hustlers I've met. 

Since the first time I've heard of Jasmine Solano, it's been amazing for me as an outsider to see her creative career grow--from young New Yorker paying dues to internationally touring DJ. She is a true testament that when your heart and your drive is in the right place, anything is possible. In a DIY digital age pumped with hype, Jasmine Solano is building a brand for longevity. 

More on Jasmine: Listen and download her new single with Melo-X here.